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Why is there still a wage gap concern for women in the Ontario health care sector? Ford's attack on women's wages

Public sector health unions in Ontario said the gender wage gap for women is getting worse 

Sharon Richer of Sudbury, provincial secretary-treasurer of OCHU/CUPE.Len Gillis / Sudbury.Com

New research suggests Conservative Premier Doug Ford's policies have resulted in a "real dollar" wage gap for the predominantly female workforce in Ontario's public sector, said a news release this week from OCHU/CUPE (Ontario Council of Hospital Unions and the Canadian Union of Public Employees).

The report which is titled "Women's Wages and the attack on broader public sector workers" was released March 6 by OCHU/CUPE. 

The report states the average wage growth in Ontario has outpaced inflation in all industries from 2017 to 2023 by nearly seven per cent. 

But the report said that did not happen for health care, education or social assistance workers who "faced real dollar wage cuts", said the union group news release.


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