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Ontario Long Term Care Home Association


The issues

Long-term care homes provide affordable housing, individualized supports and a caring environment for people living with conditions such as later stage dementia or severe stroke. Ontario’s long-term care homes are proud of the high-quality care they offer residents. But the sector faces three urgent challenges in meeting the growing complex needs of Ontario’s elderly citizens.




Stabilizing operating funding


Providing safe, quality care for residents

means long-term care homes need a stable,

predictable funding model.









Building and redevelopment


The Ontario government has made historic commitments to rebuild outdated homes and to create new spaces to meet the growing population of seniors. Many homes, however, face impediments to construction and redevelopment.













Addressing the staffing crisis


If long-term care homes do not have the staff

needed to continue providing safe, quality

care, they will never be able to operate

with stability.

Addressing the staffing crisis.jpg
Ontario needs over 30,000 new long-term care spaces to serve the number of people currently on the long-term care wait list. We also need an additional 48,000 spaces by 2029 to meet the growing demand.
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