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Who is supposed to protect us from such scams?

Mike Suta’s wife was charged $3,000 for cataract surgery: “The optometrist told her there was a two-year wait to get the surgery. However, he said that if she wanted to get done right away it would cost $3,000. She did not want to have headaches for the next two years, so she took her total life savings of $3,000 and said she was going to pay for it. When the optometrist called back, the appointment was made with the same surgeon that did the first operation in the hospital 4 years earlier and he now had a for-profit eye surgery clinic. My wife got the surgery done at the for-profit clinic and it cost $3,000 more than when it was done at the hospital. We have one question: who is supposed to protect us from such scams?”

Excerpt from:


New report: For-profit clinics expanded by Ford government charging patients

thousands in unlawful fees


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