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Saving Lives or Saving Money? The Battle Over Local Public Hospital Services

2023 Health Action Assembly & Annual Conference

By Chris Chuckry 2021-17-04

The Ford government is trying to close and diminish our local public hospital services. They are privatizing and deregulating health care workforce. They are privatizing our core hospital services, long-term care, home care, primary care, Public Health. They are also building the infrastructure for private for-profit hospitals.

The fightback is starting to see some success. In the early summer, the government reversed their decision to cut funding for locums to staff hospitals which was threatening services in rural and northern communities. The government was forced to open a non-profit urgent care centre in Minden to “replace” the closed emergency department. They spent the summer holding press conferences announcing public hospital funding and have funded out some hospital deficits caused by the high cost of private for-profit agency staffing.

However, this is a tough government and they have not yet changed course on privatization.

Now, more than ever, we need fearless, strong, ambitious action to stop privatization and force the rebuilding of our public health care.

Each year, we invite everyone who believes in Public Medicare and wants to defend and improve it to join together in a major strategy session. Join us for an important and fun weekend of briefings, speakers, report-ins and strategizing on January 20 & 21.


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