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Province denies application for new family doctor in Elmvale

Springwater Township and family physician had lease agreement ready to go

Apr 5, 2024 1:30 PM

Photo by Thirdman:

Working quietly behind the scenes for a couple of months, Springwater Township officials were hoping to announce the arrival of a new doctor in Elmvale at Wednesday’s council meeting.

Those plans were scuttled at the last minute when the Ministry of Health denied Dr. Heidi Deboer’s application to establish a new family medical practice within the Springwater Health Services Centre at 35 Queen St. West in Elmvale.

“During the notices of motion, the CAO (Jeff Schmidt, chief administrative officer) and I received an email regarding the lease agreement for 35 Queen St. West,” said Renee Ainsworth, Springwater Township’s clerk, moments before Wednesday’s meeting wrapped up. “Unfortunately, the doctor received information from the Ministry of Health where the application has not been approved."

BarrieToday tried multiple times to reach Deboer for comment but was unsuccessful.

Springwater Township Mayor Jennifer Coughlin was not happy with the decision.


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