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Ontario's New For-Profit Healthcare System

What could possibly go wrong? Plenty! This one-minute video explains it all.

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Are you concerned about Ontario’s new private healthcare clinics and surgeries?

Relax…Here at For-Profit Healthcare, OHIP will still cover the bill.


The only thing that will change is that you’ll receive the care you need quicker and more efficiently…at first.


Public Healthcare is bogged down by bureaucracy and overpaid executives, but the people who own and operate the public system – you, and the politicians you elected - are apparently kind of too tired, I guess, to do anything about it.


So, private sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? No more waiting in decaying emergency rooms. No more suffering for months or longer waiting for a procedure. OHIP will pay whatever we want them to.


But if it can’t and things get super busy around here, maybe we’ll offer different levels of service – you know, like a fast pass at a theme park. Except you’d be paying extra to get that hip replacement before some other poor (literally) limping loser.


Or making sure your kid gets seen by a doctor before your stupid neighbour’s kid. Even though he does seem pretty sick. Guess your parents should have made more money, Billy. Ha ha ha ha.


For-Profit Healthcare seems like the best solution, doesn’t it? Because everyone knows that private businesses are focused on delivering the best service they can to beat their competition. And I’m sure that doesn’t change when there’s no more competition.


What do you think we’re gonna do?


Starve the public healthcare system until it collapses and then charge whatever we want? Because what choice will you have?



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