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On health care, Ford has failed

Waterloo Region Record Letters To The Editor

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Governments have duties, obligations and accountability to their citizens. An essential core priority is that they establish and maintain a safe and healthy environment.

Recently in Ontario, hospital emergency rooms have periodically been closed due to lack of resources. These events have disproportionately and inequitably impacted smaller communities.

Meanwhile, the Ontario government under Premier Doug Ford sits on a surplus of cash while expanding the privatization of health care.

During Premier Mike Harris’s tenure, legislation was passed allowing for the expansion of private for-profit long-term care homes. On average, more of our vulnerable seniors in these homes disproportionately suffered and died during the pandemic.

I am concerned that expanding health care privatization will erode the health and safety of the citizens of Ontario. I view the current failures in Ontario’s health care system as a failure to maintain the necessities of life that the Ford government must account for.

Joseph Amatruda, Waterloo


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