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Make it visible

Join the lawn sign campaign to stop Ford's health care privatization

Posted: June 19, 2024

As we head into the summer, we are building the fightback against health care privatization and putting out lawn signs across Ontario (see designs above). We have sent out 5,000 signs to local coalitions across the province and will order more if we are able to afford it. We are working to put up as many as possible to show visible opposition to the privatization of our public health care.

To be able to successfully mount enough public pressure to stop the dismantling, destruction and privatization of our public health care, Ontarians need to see there's a fightback and have a meaningful way to join in. If everyone can help, we will do as much as we possibly can over the summer to build the fightback and make it impossible to ignore.

Please support if you are able.

You can also send a donation via e-transfer to

If you would like to get a lawn sign, please contact your local health coalition (see below) to get one.

If there is no local coalition near you and you are willing to keep a pile of lawn signs and help get them out in your area, please email us at If we have a way to get the lawn signs to you, or if you are able to come pick them up or meet us, we will do so.


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