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Kitchener, Ont. family meets with health minister after 19-hour wait for emergency surgery

Julia and Angelina Malott on March 1, 2024.

A month after Ontario's health minister said she’d talk with the Kitchener family who waited 19 hours for an emergency appendectomy surgery, the promised meeting finally happened.

At a press conference that same day, Sylvia Jones pledged to speak with them about their experience earlier this year.

CTV News reached out to the minister a week after she promised to meet with the family.

Her office contacted the Malott’s later that day to set up a time to talk, and on Monday, it finally happened.

“It was just really nice to hear her and her team’s thoughts on where health care in Ontario stands,” said Julia Malott, whose teen daughter, Angelina Malott, had to wait for the surgery. “I’m disappointed that the Ontario health care system is where it is. And that was a message I really tried to deliver to the minister.”


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