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Is Doug Ford drunk on power?

A great leader doesn’t promise one thing and when elected turn around and break their promise almost immediately, Margaret Shkimba writes.

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

The people of Ontario, well, those people not distracted by easy access to alcohol and handily bribed with free car licensing, have had enough of Premier Doug Ford, Margaret Shkimba writes. Arlyn McAdorey The Canadian Press file photo

The recent announcement by the Ford government to accelerate the timeline to put alcohol in local convenience stores, potentially costing taxpayers a billion dollars in compensation payments and lost fees, makes me wonder just how drunk Doug Ford is on the power of his office.

Ford claims this is just him following through on his promises, holding it up like a badge of honour. More beer for the minions! Yay?

This announcement was coupled with the speculation that Ford is moving up the booze timeline in order to call an early election. Up in the polls, Ford could be feeling confident that given his wins in two recent byelections he could return with more solid support. A possible Pierre Poilievre win at the federal level could jeopardize a Conservative win at the provincial level and conversely, an unpopular Trudeau government could assist Ford in winning.

That would mean more devastation for Ontario families, and in all likelihood countless deaths and increased morbidity due to untimely access to health services.

But an early election may be the gift that so many in Ontario have been waiting for: the chance to dump Ford.


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