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‘I’m not paying it’: Ontario family furious over $400/day hospital fine for not moving to LTC

Law was passed by Doug Ford government in fall 2022

Posted April 10, 2024

A few weeks ago, Michele Campeau faced what seemed like an impossible decision: move her mom from a hospital bed to a long-term care home the family hated or pay $400 a day to remain at the health-care facility.

Campeau chose neither — the family has been racking up a monster bill since March 11 that remains unpaid while her mother has stayed on at a Windsor, Ont., hospital.

Campeau's mother is among those caught up in a law that allows hospitals to place discharged patients into long-term care homes not of their choosing in order to free up beds. Should patients refuse the move, they face a $400 per day charge to remain at the hospital.

"I'm not too worried about it because I'm not paying it," Campeau told The Canadian Press.

The law, known as Bill 7, was passed by the Doug Ford government in the fall of 2022 in an effort to open up much-needed hospital space. It is aimed at so-called alternate level of care patients who are discharged from hospital but need a long-term care bed and don't have one yet.


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