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‘Fire that minister’: Ontario NDP calls on Ford to sack minister of health

By Isaac Callan & Colin D'Mello Global News
Posted May 13, 2024 5:13 pm
Updated May 14, 2024 4:55 pm

Ontario's Ministry of Health is under fire after comments suggesting there is no doctor shortage in the province and how privacy officials handled requests for data about nursing shortages. Global News' Queen's Park Bureau Chief has the story of two contradictory access to information decisions and controversial negotiations with doctors.

The Ontario NDP is calling for Ontario Premier Doug Ford to sack his health minister over the suggestion that the province is not struggling to recruit or retrain family doctors.

Speaking to reporters at Queen’s Park on Monday, NDP Leader Marit Stiles accused the government of “trying to pretend” there weren’t issues with the province’s health-care system.

“When a government says to you it’s not a major concern, the state of our health-care system, they’re trying to pretend that nothing is going on here,” she said.

“The government needs to take action today. And I would argue it needs to happen under a different minister of health. The premier should fire that minister.”

The call comes after Health Minister Sylvia Jones and her ministry suggested Ontario was not struggling to either retain or recruit family doctors, comments that came out during ongoing negotiations.


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