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Doug Ford, are you listening?

No surprise, Alberta’s privatized surgery clinics don’t seem to be doing anything to reduce wait times

UCP promises unmet, NDP health critic says private clinics aren’t helping

April 5, 2024

Does anyone remember Premier Danielle Smith’s handpicked administrator of Alberta Health Services confidently predicting that wait times for surgeries in this province were about to fall and fall dramatically? 

Reduced surgical wait times would be the biggest single mark of success for the health care system under the United Conservative Party, Dr. John Cowell said in February 2023 when he gave his interim report as Alberta Health Services’ interim administrator.

“It is my hope, and I actually believe, that we will be at zero waiting outside of clinical wait time by March of 2024,” Dr. Cowell predicted boldly. “My team and I are absolutely confident that this is achievable.”

Good one!


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