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Doc closing practice over 'systemic' issues amid family medicine 'crisis'

'I remain disappointed at the lack of serious reforms to improve primary care, despite the government rhetoric,' says doctor of hurdles facing foreign-born doctors

January 25, 2024

Dr. Alia Ali is closing her Midland practice. Supplied photo

A local family doctor is closing her practice in March due to a wide range of 'systemic' issues, including licensing difficulties facing foreign-born doctors.

In a note to her patients, Dr. Alia Ali says the decision to shutter her practice March 31 hasn’t been made “lightly.”

“While there are compelling personal and family motives, the overwhelming reasons are systemic,” she writes in the letter. “Many of you are already aware of the crisis in family medicine.”

Ali, who did not respond to a request for comment, cites a number of reasons that have contributed to her decision.

“Despite maximizing hours and efficiencies, I have realized that my professional limitations do not allow me to do my job in a safe and supported way to provide optimal care to my patients,” she writes.


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