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Credit Card or Health Card?

Updated: Apr 8

Posted April 6, 2024

Doug Ford promised we would never have to pay for care with our credit card, only our OHIP card. But his government is letting private clinics get away with charging Ontarians for health care, which is illegal under our Protection of Public Medicare laws.

Join the call to stop privatization NOW!

All across the country, the majority of Canadians oppose the privatization of our health care. The opposition is especially strong here in Ontario.


Because of people like you helping to spread the word. Together, we reached over a million Ontarians - sharing leaflets, reports and social media in 2023. More than 400,000 participated in our referendum to tell Doug Ford to stop the privatization of our health care.

We've accomplished a lot. Our efforts are making a difference, but we can't stop now.

Our goal is to reach two million Ontarians in the next two months with leaflets. That is one in seven people.

There are local health coalitions across Ontario that will coordinate the distribution of the leaflets. Where there is no local coalition, we are asking for a volunteer to have leaflets for people to pick up. Please email us at


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