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Coalition hears concerns over the state of public health care

Ontarians had a chance to voice their opinions on the state of health care in the province through a travelling panel by the Ontario Health Coalition.

Katie Nicholls, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, June 18, 2024

The Ontario Health Coalition held a panel in Thunder Bay on June 17, 2024, to receive public input on the state of public health care. Katie Nicholls, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

THUNDER BAY — The Ontario Health Coalition has been travelling across Ontario to hear what communities have to say regarding public health care in the province.

Once finished, the feedback will be compiled into a report for the province. 

Natalie Mehra, the coalition's executive director, was in Thunder Bay on Monday at the Mary JL Black Library. Mehra said it's important to speak to residents in Northern Ontario because each community has unique situations. 

"The North is unique, as people in the North know, but of course policymakers don't really treat it that way often," said Mehra.

"I just think it's really critical in Northern Ontario. The distances are so big, but also, the cultures are different. I always feel that there's kind of a [type of] people that take care of each other in a way that is really impressive."

Mehra noted the coalition has the support of all three opposition parties. 

"When you have all three opposition parties pushing for something, that puts a lot of pressure on the Ford government to finally actually do something.


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