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Send an email to Premier Ford, Health Minister Christine Elliott, and your local MMP today, demanding a halt to the passing and implementation of the omnibus bill. Click HERE to compose and send your email today. (Includes ideas for content, and auto addresses.)

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Join the fight for our Public Healthcare!

There are many ways in which you can join the fight for better public health: Join any of the following sub-committee or task teams:

  1. Help arrange speaker event on protecting public health care in Kitchener.

  2. Lobby all MMPs as constituents and as members of the Waterloo Region Health Coalition.

  3. Help arrange Media Events

  4. Social Media Team

  5. Letter writing and petitions

  6. Donate, collect and curate personal stories regarding the need for more funding in Public Healthcare.

  7. Leaflet Campaign: Summary of leaked document and its implications.

  8. Public Meeting for local Social Justice organizations and other allied of WRHC.

  9. Attend Grand River Hospital Board Meeting - March 26, at 4:00 PM

  10. Write letters to the Editor of all Regional newspapers.

  11. Contact Health Care Unions (RPNO, ONA, RNO, and MPO) and solicit support.

  12. Submit an Op-Ed to all regional newspaper.

  13. Long Term Care Committee for advocacy across the region.

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